Social Acoustics

The Impossible School #1 — On Affect, Voice, Listening, and Self-Organization

March 11-14, 2020 @ MaMa

The Impossible School is an independent meeting point taking place over four intensive sessions to be held in the spring and fall of 2020. The School focuses on questions of recognition and misrecognition, belonging and unbelonging, and the ways in which expressions of community may be creatively and critically put on the move. This includes reflecting broadly upon listening and language, voice and embodiment, art and activism.
The first session is framed around the topics of affect, voice, listening, and self-organization and brings together presentations by artists, musicologists, singers and educators. Presentations and discussions over the first two days will create a collective framework for thinking together about the affective capacities found in voice, and the ways in which listening may act as a form of relational activism extending what or who counts. This will be further elaborated by inquiring into methods of self-organization and artistic practices aimed at social injustice. The session will conclude with a workshop led by Edna Jurcan, a singer working with activist choirs in Croatia. Exploring the voice through a range of exercises aimed at free expression, the workshop will open up to forms of talk and song, and the making of vocal landscapes in relation to local environments – to engage in the relations between shared voice and processes of self-organized community.

The School is organized by the Multimedia Institute (MaMa) and Brandon LaBelle, an artist based in Berlin, as part of the artistic research project Social Acoustics / Communities in Movement. The School is open to everyone: no prior skills needed.

March 11, 19:00h
– Keynote presentation by Brandon LaBelle, “On Acoustic Justice” (Communities in Movement, Berlin / Art Academy, University of Bergen)
(reception following)
March 12, 13:30 – 18:00
– Andreja Kulunčić, “Ghettoized Communities” (Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb)
– Mojca Piškor, “Reading the Sound, Listening through Words: Resonances of Auditory Regimes of Yugoslav poena insularis” (Music Academy, University of Zagreb)
– Ana Hofman, “Radical Amateurism: An Aural After-Life of a Mass Voice” (Institute of Culture and Memory Studies, Ljubljana)
March 13
– Open Day for possible meeting