Media archive / Catalog

Media Archive is a public library with specialized collections that fit into Multimedia Institute’s main domains of interest. Most of those titles are otherwise unavailable in Croatian public libraries so initially we have set out the goal for our Media archive to support locally both academic and non-academic research work, but also artistic and activist practices. Media.archive consists of 2000+ volumes (books, journals, electronic media).

Dominant topics covered are:

– new media art & theory

– social theory and philosophy

– activism –

gender & queer studies

– new technologies

– NGOs

– digital political economy and intellectual property rights issues

– cultural policy

– urbanism

Terms of use: To get more information or to lend books you can contact MaMa’s librarians Tom or Petar or come everyday to MaMa from 10:00 to 17:00. If lending books out of MaMa first-time users have to deposit some personal ID. No inscription, no charges.

Media archive catalog