Creative commons

Multimedia Institute is the Croatian localizer of the Creative Commons licences.

Coordinators of introducing the Creative Commons licences into the Croatian legal system are Dijana Kovačević Remenarić, Tomislav Medak, and Marcell Mars.

Creative Commons is a comprehensive solution for licensing artworks as publicly accessible and open content. In today’s setting, where digital technologies for creating and exchanging content are widely accessible, an increasing number of artists and scientists want to allow the users to use, modify, and exchange their work without constantly violating the copyright. CC makes it possible for such authors to express their wish legally, by means of licences, and to reserve only some rights for themselves, contrary to the restrictive copyright regime. Similar to GNU, General Public Licence for free software, the Creative Commons licences aim at expanding the space of free creation and invention, their exchange and public accessibility, while in the non-software fields of human creativity, such as music, photography, cinema, video, literature, design, and scholarly texts… CC makes it possible, in the circumstances of restrictive regulations of intellectual property, to transform culture and scholarship into what they have always sought to be: a common good and a product of collaboration.

CC Croatia is a project of translating the Creative Commons licences into the Croatian judiciary system and Croatian language, performed by Multimedia Institute Zagreb. When visiting the webpage creativecommons.org, next to the US-American, Brazilian, Japanese, German, Italian, and 70 other national licences, you will also be able to select the Croatian ones.