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Catherine Malabou : Down the Other Queer Valley
Heath Bunting : Before and after The Status Project
Simon Springer : Anarchism as Beauty – The Geography of Emancipation


Symposium: Form
Petar Milat : Form and Former
Pearl Brilmyer & Filippo Trentin : Inessential Forms – Ruskin, Warburg, Focillon
Julie Beth Napolin : Sinister Resonance – Coloniality Hears Itself in the Novel
Marty Rayburn : Toward a Theory of the Novelistic Will
Ante Jerić : Kant has some relevance here
Alexi Kukuljevic : Richard Pryor, the Conedian
Ronjaunee Chatterjee : Lewis Carroll’s Alice Books and the Ones and Twos of Femininity
Amanda Holmes : Anxiety and the Spineless Organ
Nathan Brown : Baudelaire’s Shadow – Toward a Theory of Poetic Determination
Greg Ellermann : Poetry, Plasticity, and the End of Art – Malabou, Hegel, Keats
David Cunningham : Form and Formlessness – Realism, Fiction and the Theory of the Novel



Armin Medosch : The need for a utopian vision
Maya Gonzalez : Social Reproduction, Housework and Sexuality
Jasper Bernes : Logistics and Counterlogistics in an Age of Walled Flows
Bruno Latour : Thought Exhibitions
Benjamin Peters : The Soviet Internet
Giacomo D’Alisa : Degrowth and State


David Bowie – vita, melancholia and political economy
_ ► Katarina Peović Vuković : David Bowie’ – Political Economy of Melancholia
_ ► Katja Kolšek : Some Reflections on the Impossibility of the Death of David Bowie
_ ► Tatjana Jukić : Bowie, Schrader, Tarantino
_ ► Tomislav Brlek : Where are We Now – David Bowie and the Time that Remains
_ ► Boštjan Nedoh : From perversion to perversion – David Bowie and late capitalism
_ ► Bara Kolenc : David Bowie and Anti-humanism – The Construction of a Face


Nathan Brown – Rationalist empiricism: politics, epistemology, ontology
_ ► Rationalist Empiricism, Dialectical Materialism – From Althusser to Meillassoux
_ ► The Criterion of Immanence and the Transformation of Structural Causality
_ ► Speculative Idealism, Speculative Materialism – Hegel, Heidegger, Meillassoux


Symposium: Structure
_ ► Nathan Brown : Where’s Number Four? The Place of Structure in Plato’s Timaeus
_ ► Amanda Holmes : Where There’s No No to be Found – Negativity and the Un-conscious
_ ► Aaron Schuster : Impossible Professions, and How to Defend Them
_ ► S. Pearl Brilmyer : Colorless Substances, Contentless Forms – Hardy and the Ends of the Novel
_ ► Ante Jerić : The Sound of One Hand Clapping
_ ► Omri Moses : Structuring the Mind – How Narratives Reorganize Our Material Engagements
_ ► Joshua Harold Wiebe : Denial-of-Access – The Black Screen as Cinematic Limit
_ ► Evan Calder Williams : Prowling Forms
_ ► Victoria Brooks : Production Stilled
_ ► Vladimir Tasić : TBA
_ ► Robin Graham : Enlightenment, 1728, 1784, and Romanticism, 1817
_ ► Ada Smailbegovic : Some Disordered Exterior Geometries
_ ► Leonardo Kovačević : Equivalency and Equality – Politics after Structuralism
_ ► Alexi Kukuljevic : That Troubling Thing



James Bridle : Cloud Thinking
Justin Clemens : A note on the structure of the philosophical work of Alain Badiou
Sigi Jöttkandt — “With a lever…”: Beckett, Badiou and the Logics of Sexual Difference
Aaron Schuster : The Trouble with Pleasure (Book-Launch at MaMa)
Bruno Besana : In excess of nothing – destruction, voidance and intensification
Mark Kingwell : Happiness, Upgrade Anxiety, and the Post-Human Condition
Gregor Moder : Hegel and Spinoza
Jason W. Moore : Anthropocene, Capitalocene, and the Crisis of the 21st Century
Ben Woodard : Is Philosophy Fiction?



Eric Jarosinski: Introduction to Utopian Negation


Symposium Poiesis
_ ► Nathan Brown : The Irony of Anatomy – Basquiat’s Poetics
_ ► Aaron Schuster : How to Research Like a Dog – Kafka’s New Science
_ ► Marie Gil : Poetics of Immanence in the Western Tradition
_ ► Goran Sergej Pristaš : Work, non work, art work
_ ► Angela Rawlings : Gibber – Ecopoiesis
_ ► Amanda Holmes : Drifting into Non-Sense – On Julia Kristeva’s Poietical Subjects
_ ► Stephen Voyce : Poetic Cartographies
_ ► David Wills : The Poetics of Inanimate Life – Mallarmé, Cixous, Celan.
_ ► Jed Rasula : Producing the Inscrutable – Some Lessons of Modernism
_ ► Branka Arsić : Object-Poems – On Emily Dickinson’s late poetics
_ ► Thomas Schestag : poiein
_ ► David Grubbs : Records Ruin the Landscape


Chronicle of a Writer : Albahari meets Manguel
Christian Fuchs : Williams, Marcuse, and Smythe in the Age of Social Media
Sami Khatib: A Positive Concept of Barbarism. Benjamin and the Consequences




Diedrich Diederichsen:: The second cultural industry – why pop-music is not a case of music
Symposium: Sophistry: The Powers of the False
Nathan Brown: Conference Introduction
Sami Khatib: “The Good, the Bad, and the Unemployed. Dirty Dialectics with Benjamin, Brecht, and Bataille”
Tzuchien Tho: “Ex Falso Quid? The Indefinite, Infinite and Incomplete”
Julie Beth Napolin: “The Fact of Resonance, or: On Banishing Socrates’ Wife”
Alexi Kukuljevic: “The Confidence Man”
Barbara Cassin: “How to Really Do Things With Words”
Roundtable #1: Cassin, Düttmann, Brassier, Toscano
Alberto Toscano, “The Power of False Revolutions”
Ray Brassier, “Sophistry, Suspicion, and Theory”
Roundtable #2: Toscano, Brassier, Cassin


Oxana Timofeeva: The End of the World
Margit Mayer: Contradictions of contemporary urban activism
Jodi Dean: The Communist Horizon
Neil Brenner: Urban Ideologies and the Critique of Neoliberal Urbanization
Mark Fisher: The Slow Cancellation Of The Future
Nicholas Thoburn: Anti-Book – On Materiality of Communist Publishing
Cruising sa Srđanom Sandićem: Melankolija i pamćenje (In Croatian only)
Juliet Jacques: A Transgender Journey
Cruising sa Srđanom Sandićem: Psihoanaliza i fetišistička kultura (In Croatian only)
Artúr van Balen: Angažirano stvaralaštvo
Konstelacije suvremenog mišljenja: Aleksandar Mijatović (In Croatian only)
Zašto (sve / svi) sudjelujemo u izvedbama? Srđan Sandić, Agata Juniku & Darko Lukić (In Croatian only)
Nik Theodore: Neoliberal Urbanism
Konstelacije suvremenog mišljenja: “Antropologija imena” Sylvaina Lazarusa (In Croatian only)
Želimir Žilnik & Boris Buden: Zagrebački razgovor (in Serbo-Croatian only)



Colloquium “Misliti sa / Mit-Denken / Penser-Avec”
_ ► Marc Crépon: L’origine de la loi, une lecture croisée de Derrida et Kafka
_ ► Peter Szendy: Pax economica? Une lecture de Vers la paix perpétuelle de Kant
_ ► Alexander García Düttmann: Das Ungedachte – Frankreich und Deutschland in der Philosophie des 20.Jhr


Kenneth Goldsmith: Uncreative Writing
Josephine Bosma – DAMN_contexts: net art criticism


Conference: The Idea of Radical Media
_ ► Katarina Peović Vuković: Leftist critique of democracy with/without Karl Marx. Open-source as third communist hypothesis & Matteo Pasquinelli: The number of the collective beast. The substance of value in the age of the institutions of machinic ranking.
_ ► Luka Frelih (Ljudmila) – Tomislav Medak (MaMa) – Zoran Pantelić (kuda.org): Networks Rooted – Early Medialabs as Forms of Critical Engagement
_ ► Vuk Ćosić: Radical art vs Longue durée & Ana Peraica: Massive Spamming
_ ► Branka Ćurčić: What is Radical in ‘Radical Media’?
_ ► Clemens Apprich: The Truth Games of Tactical Media & Vera Tollmann: Behind the great firewall: Shanzhai, video tweets and word pictures
_ ► Anthony Iles: Media, Secession and Recession, Eric Kluitenberg: Charting Hybridised Realities (teleconference), János Sugár: Theseus’ Ship


Symposium: Modernity, The Bitter End
_ ► Nathan Brown: Postmodernity, Not Yet
_ ♫ Peter Hallward: Continuing the Revolution: Rousseau through Gramsci
_ ► Alexi Kukuljevic: Luciferian Lucidity and/or Nihilism
_ ► Victoria Brooks & Evan Calder Williams: Invisible Architecture: On Cinema and Circulation
_ ► Roundtable @ Modernity, The Bitter End (Brooks, Brown, Calder Williams, Hallward, Kukuljevic)



Symposium MétaphysiqueS
_ ► Patrice Maniglier: Metaphysics Today – The Methodological Controversy
_ ► Graham Harman: Garcia’s Jungle
_ ► Ian Bogost: On Harman’s The Quadruple Object


Conference: Economy of Crisis Capitalism and Economy of the Commons
_ ► Pippa Gallop: Public-private Partnerships in Central and Eastern Europe
_ ► David Price: Public-Private Partnerships in UK Schools, Hospitals and Bridges
_ ► Ursula Huws: The Commodification of Public Services
_ ► Dmytri Kleiner: Facebook is Internet reimagined through imagination of network television capitalism (interview)


Symposium: The Art of the Concept
_ ► Nathan Brown: The Art of the Concept _ Introduction
_ ► Alexi Kukuljevic: Almost Nothing
_ ► Robert Lehman: The Persistence of the Aesthetic
_ ► Amanda Beech: Traversing the Paradigm: Concept without Difference, Image without Art
_ ► Vera Bühlmann: Articulating Quantities — When Things Depend On Whatever Can Be The Case
_ ► Audrey Wasser: What is a Literary Problem? Proust, Beckett, Deleuze
_ ► Nathan Brown: The Distribution of the Insensible
_ ► Michel Chion: The Lost Gesture: On a Scene in The Tree of Life
_ ► Alexander Garcia-Düttmann: Judging in Art: Aesthetics and the Concept
_ ► Evan Calder Williams: The Ugly, The Ugly, and The Ugly


Kazimir Majorinc: History of Lisp (in Croatian only)
_ ► Povijest Lispa (1. – 27. predavanje)
_ ► Povijest Lispa (28. – 46. predavanje)



Symposium: To Have Done With Life – Vitalism and Antivitalism in Contemporary Philosophy
_ ► Ray Brassier: Bergson, Lived Experience, and the Myth of the Given
_ ► Catherine Malabou: Epigenesis and the Plasticity of Life
_ ► Adrian Johnston: Second Natures in Dappled Worlds
_ ► Nathan Brown: The Lucidity of the Unliving: Crystallography and Inorganic Poetry
_ ► Alexi Kukuljevic: Notes on Lifeless Matter
_ ► Benjamin Noys: The Poverty of Vitalism
_ ► Evan Calder Williams: The Black Winding-Sheet: On Labor, Meat, and Form
_ ► Jason Smith: Parallel Lives: Form-of-Life, Living Labor
_ ► Stephanie Wakefield: ‘Dasein is Design’: Form-of-Life, World, Environment
_ ► Martin Hägglund: The Trace of Time and the Death of Life: Bergson, Heidegger, Derrida
_ ► Roundtable @ To Have Done With Life: Brassier, Hägglund, Johnston, Malabou [moderated by Brown]



Symposium 21st Century Materialism
_ ♫ Miran Božovič: The Material God in Diderot’s “D’Alembert’s Dream
_ ♫ Graham Harman: Realism Without Materialism
_ ♫ Roundtable Day #1. Participating: Brown, Božovič, Hallward, Harman, Hägglund and others
_ ♫ Martin Hägglund: Radical Atheist Materialism: A Critique of Meillassoux
_ ♫ Peter Hallward: Dialectical Voluntarism: An Agenda for Research
_ ♫ Roundtable Day #2. Participating: Brown, Hallward, Harman, Hägglund and others



Keller Easterling: The Wrong Story



McKenzie Wark: A Hacker Manifesto



_ ♫ Michael Hardt : Globalization and Democracy – Politics of Multitude
_ ♫ Saskia Sassen: The Global City – New Frontier / Strategic Site