June 12-16, 2017 @ Dubrovnik


Structure is the seventh installment of Conjuncture – an ongoing series of events on 21st Century philosophy, aesthetics, and politics, since 2009 held at MaMa and in 2017 for the first time at IUC Dubrovnik.


Syncro – Synergy Croatia invites you to:

Croatian Movie Night

tuesday, 30.05.2017, 20h @ MaMa

The new group of EVS volunteers in Zagreb we are pleased to present Croatian Movie Night at Klub Mama! This projection is the second part of language program for EVS volunteers in order to give a first taste of Croatian culture and history.  For this purpose we chose few of the best movies representing this country. Join us in this intense journey!  All the screenings will be in original language with english subtitles. For the second event we decided to screen the movie “Ti mene nosiš” (You Carry Me), movie from 2015 directed by  Ivona Juka. The movie follows  the stories trough the intertwining lives of three daughters; a pregnant producer, a director whose father suffers from Alzheimer’s, and […]


Explicit music

Eli Keszler

Friday, May 5 2017 at 22:30h @ Theatre &TD, Zagreb

At the 5th Showroom of contemporary Sound we present Eli Keszler – a percussionist, composer, and visual artist.


Logistics and Counterlogistics in an Age of Walled Flows

Thursday, April 20, 19:00h @MaMa

Lecture by Jasper Bernes on the (counter)revolution of infrastructure as the global restructuring of capitalist production and circulation.


Croatian Movie Night

tuesday, 25.04.2017, 20:00h @ MaMa

As a new group of EVS volunteers arrived to SYNCRO in Zagreb we are pleased to present Croatian Movie Night at Klub Mama! This projection is part of language program for EVS volunteers in order to give a first taste of Croatian culture and history. For this purpose we chose few of the best movies […]


Social Reproduction, Housework and Sexuality

Thursday, March 23, 18h @ MaMa

Maya Andrea Gonzalez on unifying feminism, class-Analysis and Marx’s critique.

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