Media archive / Catalog

The Media Archive is a public library with materials from the fields of interest of the Multimedia Institute. Most of the publications are not available in Croatian public libraries, therefore the initial goal of the Media Archive was to support academic and non-academic research work, as well as artistic and activist practices. The media archive contains more than 2000 publications (books, magazines, electronic materials).

The following topics are included::
– new media of art and theory
– social theory and philosophy
– activism
– gender and queer studies
– NGOs
– digital political economy and intellectual property rights
– cultural policy
– urbanism

Terms of use: for more information or inquiries about books borrowing, contact our librarians Tom and Petar, or drop by MaMa on workdays from 10:00 to 17:00. Users who borrow books for the first time must leave an identity document. No registration fees, no membership fees.