S(CSS) Zagreb Meetup / Ožujak 2019.

After the first meetup, we are ready for a new round of CSS! Let’s dive into pseudo-classes and custom properties 😎

Title: CSS Pseudo-classes 💻
Speaker: 👉 Antonija Šimić 👈
Description: Pseudo-classes define the state of the selected element. Let’s see what some of them can do for us, what are their quirks and what cool tricks we can do with them. We are going to play with these pseudo-classes :empty, :disabled, :enabled, :valid, :invalid, :checked, :target

Title: CSS Custom Properties 💻
Speaker: 👉 Matija Marohnić 👈
Description: CSS Custom Properties (a.k.a. CSS Variables) allow us to define truly dynamic values in CSS. Through examples, we’re going to learn how they work, how they compare to variables in languages like Sass, how to provide fallbacks, and what the future holds for this new feature.