Michael Hardt & Antonio Negri: Multitude [2009 // 404 p. // translation: Tomislav Medak]

“Multitude” by Antonio Negri and Michael Hardt is a sequel to probably the most influential philosophical book of the last decade – “Empire”. Just as the emergence of “Empire” was historically shaped by the Paris demonstrations of the mid-1990s and NATO’s intervention in Kosovo, so the writing of the “Multitude” was determined by two events from the beginning of the new millennium – September 11 and the Iraq campaign. “Multitude” reshapes the Hardt and Negri’s fundamental empire-multitude dichotomy into a distinction between war and absolute democracy. This transformation takes place on the basis of a normative analysis of the concept of multitude, which simultaneously explicates a genuinely biopolitical notion of social creativity and the notion of a democratic-legitimate force.