Regional Platform for Culture

In July 2012, 21 civil society organizations working in the field of contemporary culture and art from Southeast Europe (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo) established a network of program exchange, based on concepts such as Clubture. The main goals of the Platform are: to provide a framework for long-term and sustainable project cooperation and program exchange between the actors of independent culture in this region; strengthen the capacity of organizations through the transfer of good practices and knowledge; strengthen actors who can contribute to the development of cultural and other policies that will bring significant changes in the cultural systems of the countries involved. The collaboration model that defines the core activity of the platform is peer-to-peer project collaboration and exchange. It implies the introduction of a collective decision-making model on proposed cooperation and exchange projects. The basic principle of this model is that everyone who proposes projects has the opportunity to make decisions and the obligation to choose projects that will be implemented and funded through the platform.

Establishing a platform for cooperation between independent cultural organizations in the region is one of the goals on which the Multimedia Institute and other organizations from Croatia have been working for almost ten years. Therefore, our organization was among the founders and initiators of this network.

The founders of the Cooperative are:
OKC Abrasevic | AbArt, Mostar | Association for Culture and Arts RED, Sarajevo | Center for Contemporary Art, Sarajevo | Multimedia Institute MaMa, Zagreb | Drugo more, Rijeka | Clubture network, Zagreb | Dokufest, Prizren | Center for Research and Gender Policies, Prishtina | Kontrapunkt, Skopje | Lokomotiva, Skopje | Media Artes, Ohrid | PloŇ°tad Sloboda, Skopje | Youth Cultural Centre, Bitola | Expedito, Center for Sustainable Spatial Development, Kotor | KIOSK, Belgrade | REMONT, Belgrade | REX, Belgrade | Association Independent Cultural Scene of Serbia, Belgrade | Pekinpah Society, Ljubljana | Asocijacija Society, Ljubljana | Exodos, Ljubljana