Nothing Will Happen

“Nothing Will Happen” (NSND) is a group of people interested in hacker issues, free software, social activism in the digital sphere, perhaps best described as the aficionados of geek culture.

NSND has been traditionally taking place in Moravice (winter), Split (summer), Belgrade (spring), and Ohrid.

Events are organized spontaneously, by using highly participatory digital tools such as Wiki, but the working programme itself, which consists of lectures and workshops, is defined by all the participants together on the spot, during the morning sessions. Programme units can be offered by all those who have prepared something, or asked from people who are likely to know an issue well enough to present it to the others. After agreeing upon a set of topics, lectures, and workshops with regard to the number of potential participants, rooms and other resources needed for the programme are organized.

The success of such gathering resides primarily in their lucid playing with the participatory position, where references to and critique of the traditional form of participation are used to motivate the participants more strongly to approach the programme more actively and cooperatively. In this way, responsibility for the symposium’s success is better distributed among all the participants, who are addressed, with ironic distance and semiotic games, as intelligent and capable individuals, which makes them answer all the more readily to this type of playfulness.