Nothing’s Gonna Happen

Nothing’s Gonna Happen” brings together a community of people interested in hacker topics, free software, social activism in the digital realm and described by perhaps the best signifier: lovers of geek culture.

NSND is traditionally held in Moravice (winter), Split (summer), Belgrade (spring), and Ohrid.

Events are organized spontaneously using highly participatory digital tools such as wiki, but the work schedule, lectures, and workshops are arranged with the participation of all participants present in the morning sessions. Program units can be offered by those who have prepared their topics, but very often different topics are also asked to be delivered from people who are known to be able to present well the topic to others. After agreeing on a set of topics, lectures, and workshops, depending on the number of interested parties, the spaces and other resources needed for the implementation of the program are organized.

The success of such gatherings lies primarily in lucid play with the position of participation, where referring and criticizing the traditional type of participation strongly motivates all participants to take an active approach and cooperation. In this way, the responsibility for the success of the conference is better distributed to all participants, and they are addressed with ironic detachment and semiotic games as intelligent and capable individuals who are then happy to respond to those games.