The preconditions for changing the structural situation in which the organizations of civil society and independent culture function are collaboration, networking, and joint public action. Multimedia Institute systematically works on initiating, launching, and capacitating various such collaborations, initiatives, platforms, and networks in Zagreb, Croatia, the ex-Yugoslav region, and Europe. In the past ten years, these activities have resulted in the foundation of Clubture network, Operation City, Right to the City, and Kooperativa / Cooperative – Regional Cultural Platform. In these platforms, partnerships and networking are oriented either to programme collaboration or the construction of common resources, change of public policies, and social engagement. The platforms are not structured based on membership or representation, but dynamically – as inclusive and collaborative, as endorsement and programme platforms based on mutual trust and common goals: to create a motivating set of public policies and encourage positive change in the social context. Some of them primarily gather organizations of independent culture, while others build up partnership with agents from different subsectors, such as youth culture, environmental protection, or spatial policies. Each of these platforms has meanwhile evolved into an autonomous and important agency on the Croatian civil scene.

Among the most significant achievements of these collaborative platforms is the foundation of two institutions. The first is Pogon – Zagreb Centre for Independent Culture and Youth , based on the new model of civil-public partnership jointly administered by the Union of Associations Operation City and the City of Zagreb. The main goals of Pogon are to provide the facilities and adequate conditions for the production and presentation of contemporary cultural and artistic programmes on Zagreb’s independent cultural scene, as well as programmes of organizations of civil society that encourage active participation of young people in the cultural and social life of the city. The second institution is Foundation Kultura Nova, the first public foundation in the field of culture, focused on supporting the work of independent cultural organizations.