Clubture Network is a non-profit, inclusive, and participatory network active in empowering the independent cultural sector. Its main activities focus on programme networking, raising public visibility, encouraging the organizational development of the sector and strengthening its impact in changing the institutional framework within which it functions. Multimedia Institute is a co-founder, the author of concept, and one of the most active partners in this network, which managed to gather most organizations on the Croatian independent cultural scene. Since its beginnings in 2002, Multimedia Institute has collaborated with various organizations in Croatia, such as ACT from Čakovec, Art Workshop Lazareti from Dubrovnik, Coalition of Youth Associations from Split, Drugo More from Rijeka, Association for Cultural Development, Kontejner, and many others. Late in 2004, when cooperation with organizations from the region was initiated through Clubture, Multimedia Institute got involved in creating the model of programme exchange and cooperation, as well as in cooperation as such.