Regional Platform for Culture

In July 2012, 21 civil society organizations active in the field of contemporary culture and art in South-Eastern Europe (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Kosovo) founded a network for programme exchange in the region, based on similar principles as Clubture. The basic aims behind the foundation of Kooperativa were to ensure a framework for long-term and sustainable project collaboration and programme exchange between various agents of independent culture in the region, to enhance the capacities of organization through transfer of good practices and knowledge, and to empower those agents who can contribute to the development of cultural and other policies that would result in significant change in the cultural systems of countries in this region. The cooperation model that determines the basic activity of the platform is peer-to-peer project collaboration and exchange. It implies the adoption of a collective model of decision making as to the proposed projects of collaboration and exchange, its basic principle being that all those who propose projects have the possibility of decision making and the duty to select projects that will be implemented and financed through the Platform.

Establishing a platform for the cooperation of organizations of independent culture in the region was among the goals that Multimedia Institute and many other organizations in Croatia had been working for almost ten years. For this reason, it was only logical that our organization would be among the founders and initiators of this network.

Founders of Kooperativa are:
OKC Abra┼íevi─ç / AbArt, Mostar | Udru┼żenje za kulturu i umjetnost CRVENA, Sarajevo | Centar za savremenu umjetnost, Sarajevo | Multimedijalni institut MaMa, Zagreb | Drugo more, Rijeka | Clubture mre┼ża, Zagreb | Dokufest, Prizren | Centar za istra┼żivanje i rodne politike, Pri┼ítina | Kontrapunkt, Skoplje | Lokomotiva, Skoplje | Media Artes, Ohrid | Plo┼ítad Sloboda, Skoplje | Omladinski kulturni centar, Bitola | Expedito, Centar za odr┼żivi prostorni razvoj, Kotor | KIOSK, Beograd | REMONT, Beograd | REX, Beograd | Asocijacija Nezavisna kulturna scena Srbije, Beograd | Dru┼ítvo Pekinpah, Ljubljana | Dru┼ítvo Asocijacija, Ljubljana | Exodos, Ljubljana