ZgPHP meetup #29

It is time for first ZgPHP meetup in 2014*. This one will be a bit different than ones before, instead of 2nd talk we have decided to go with slot for lightning talks. If you are interested in coming please RSVP here.

17:30 – The gathering 🙂
18:00 – Informational block
18:10 – Stipe Predanić – JadePHP templateing engine
18:40 – Short pause
18:50 – Lightning talks
19:20 – Drinkup in Kolding, Berislaviceva st. 8

Stipe Predanić – JadePHP templateing engine

JadePHP engine is based on Jade templating engine built for node.js, a simplified version of haml. Stipe will cover engines https://github.com/everzet/jade.php and https://github.com/sisoftrg/jade.php .

Lightning talks

If you are interested in speaking, lightning talks should last between 3 and 5 minutes, you can prepare slides or some code but don’t have to. This is a great opportunity for all of our members to step up and talk! If you have a talk idea already, contact us on zgphpmeetup [at] gmail.com to reserve a slot or just contact us on the spot (during meetup)! Talks can be in either Croatian or English, more about our announcement on using English can be found here

Interested in talking on ZgPHP meetups? Contact us anytime by email on zgphpmeetup [at] gmail.com or directly on meetup/drinkup.

* New Years resolution 2014: ZgPHP in English! From now on, all tweets, facebook statuses, announcments, email notifications etc will be written in English only. One thing that will be bilingual (Croatian & English languages) is meetup itself. Hopefully this will change in future too but we are not willing to force our speakers to use English if they are not willing or feel they can’t do it at nearly same quality.
There are many reasons for this change, most important one opening our PHP user group to international speakers and audiences. We know that this is not a short term project that will yield results quickly, our intention is to bring international speakers to our monthly meetups as much as we want to make our annual PHP conference a regular occurance.
We would like to take this opportunity to call all of our regular members and fellow developers: contact us on zgphpmeetup [at] gmail.com if you are interested in speaking on one of our next monthly meetups! We have some slots opened from February on, you are the ones that can choose language of your talk.