ZgPHP Meetup #30

Measure (almost) everything with statsd and Graphite

“Having realtime overview of critical metrics can help you to detect signs of problems early and minimize their impact” – said Slaven Bacelic on one ZgPHP drinkup and was left with no choice but to speak about it on ZgPHP meetup.

With two simple and powerful tools, statsd and Graphite, you can measure anything at any point of you application without breaking it and with a very minor performance penalty (statsd uses non-blocking UDP communication). Collected metrics can be visualized through Graphite’s web interfaces or exposed in various formats (JSON, CSV, SVG) for external graphing, analysis or monitoring.

Programming paradigms in PHP

If you have an eye for details you probably noticed that we mentioned this title before. You are right! This is the infamous talk that was canceled day before so visitors witnessed collection of very bad jokes by ZgPHP meetup organizer(s).

Anyway, Ljubo Čanić and Matej Baćo will battle out two programming paradigms – declarative and objective. They started discussing it on our ZgPHP meetup group and only logical solution was to give them center stage on this meetup. Bring popcorn!

As always, there is a drinkup afterwards in Kolding, Berislaviceva 8, but subtle difference is that Toptal is paying for few rounds of drinks.


17:30 – Gathering, small talk
18:00 – Group buzz & info
18:10 – Slaven Bacelic – Measure (almost) everything with statsd and Graphite
18:40 – Short break
18:50 – Ljubo Canic and Matej Baco – Programming paradigms in PHP