HRScala workshop

The first HRScala workshop in MaMa is going to be a gentle introduction to Scala. This talk is going to target new Scala enthusiasts, but as we have agreed on last meetup – more advanced topics for experienced developers are just around the corner.

This will be a workshop, so _do_ remember to bring your notebook. If you are a Scala newbie, all you need to do in order to prepare is grab the newest install to be able to spin up the Scala REPL on your machine.

We will cover the following topics:

REPL Basics
• val, def, type inference
• methods / lazy vals

Stealing someone’s RSS feed
• XML => case classes
• pattern matching

Working with collections
• map, filter (everything is more fun when functional)

At the end of the workshop you should be able to create a Scala application which grabs freshly baked Reddit memes or alerts you when there are new issues on your favorite GitHub repositories.

Remember though – with great power comes great responsibility, so we would like you not to reuse your first Scala program for evil purposes. You can do this with your second Scala program.