Python Meetup / Prosinac

We are continuing the #PYtalks sessions in MaMa. Be sure to not miss this one! From now on the abstracts will be in English but it is left to the speakers if they want to present in Croatian or English (probably depending on the crowd).

Senko Rašić: Simple REST with Django
In this talk I will describe how to build simple RESTful API’s using Django. I will mention Django Rest Framework, as the most popular choice at the moment, and then give a quick overview of django-restless (a lightweight REST framework built by The aim of the talk is to explain why one might want to use something other then Django Rest Framework.

Matija Kolarić: Django MPTT (Modified Preorder Tree Traversal)
When we Google “MPTT”, first several results are actually Django-related. This simple principle has become the de facto standard when dealing with hierarchical data in Django. MPTT adds additional fields to tables with hierarchical data, providing complex single-query data retrieval functionality. This is going to be a short introduction into MPTT with simple real-life examples.

Goran Cetušić: Tkinter’s not dead, it’s an Igor!
The default Python GUI has had a somewhat bad reputation in the last couple of years but let’s find out if that’s true. Tkinter can be a powerful tool for quick gui applications and canvas drawing. Like an Igor, it’s not pretty but it’s always available and gets the job done.

DRINKUP: As always, join us at the drinkup afterwards (in Kolding caffe).