Ruby Meetup December

Unfortunately, we’ve missed the chance for November meetup because we were late for bookings of the overbooked MaMa.

Our first speaker will be a Californian Rubyist – Brian Underwood, he’s one of the maintainers of neo4j gem, which serves as an ActiveModel wrapper for neo4j graph database.

Nikica Jokić works as a Ruby developer at Floating Point and he will compare two frameworks – Webmachine and Grape. Both of them are trying to solve the problem of well defined REST APIs, so he’s going to compare pros and cons of each of them. He’s also going to make a micro REST API and introduce the tradeoffs.

Željko Filipin is QA Engineer at Wikimedia Foundation. QA stands for quantum abacus, of course. Seriously. It is a thing. Google it. On a serious note, he has been using Ruby for years, mostly for browser automation.

The talk will cover the basic usage RuboCop, “a Ruby static code analyzer”. On a repository picked by the audience, to make things more interesting. Along the way, he will share tips and tricks learned while using the tool, on various teams, repositories and continuous integration systems.

Despite the inconvenient meetup term we believe coming to this meetup will be worthwhile. See you there!