New #PYtalks sessions in MaMa for 2015!




Tomislav Raseta: uWSGI – Swiss army knife for your Python web apps

uWSGI aims to be a complete web application deployment solution with pluggable architecture that can be extended to support various platforms and languages. Python has been the first developed plugin for the project and works flawlessly. The talk will cover hands-on experience with uWSGI and best-practices when deploying in a production environment.


Darko Ronić: 3 R databases with Python

Most Python developers nowadays use a standard DB environment of a SQL solution (PSQL, MySQL) and perhaps a NoSQL solution (Mongo). Other than that, there are in fact hundreds of various databases and most of them have pretty good Python support. Although they’re not your average DB solution for generic projects each has its strengths and use cases. From the more popular ones (Redis), across the stable and battle tested (Riak), all the way to new and bleeding edge solutions (RethinkDB). You can’t use every one of them for all use cases but you can use them all for many different use cases. So I’ll go though them and their Python support.