Ruby Meetup January

Many Ruby On Rails developers choose a platform such as Heroku for application hosting. Heroku takes away all the server-setup heavy lifting, however it can get quite pricy overtime and it comes with customizability tradeoffs.

When Heroku is too pricy, most people resort to using cloud hosting services such as AWS or DigitalOcean. Rubyist like to cut down on the boilerplate work, so that’s where Capistrano and Mina come in. Capistrano and Mina are the two most popular deploying tools given by the Ruby community. Bruno Sutic and Stjepan Hadjic will show us why and how they use them.

Bruno Sutic is a freelance developer from Zagreb. Besides making a couple contributions to the Capistrano project, he’s created numerous Capistrano plugins for easier server setup and automation. Bruno will show us why Capistrano is still the most popular deployment tool.

Stjepan Hadjic is a Ruby On Rails developer at Infinum. He used Capistrano until about a year ago, but after discovering Mina he never looked back. Stjepan will show us why he moved away from Capistrano and tell us all about the benefits of using Mina.