Web Designers Hrvatska Meetup / Ožujak

Topic: Using SVG
lecture by Matija Marohnić (@silvenon)

About Matija:
I am a front end developer at Unity (unity.hr) and a member of the Yeoman core team.
At Unity I mostly deliver static content for presentation sites and web apps.
Over the course of working alone, I had to learn to do a lot of things myself, so automation has become a hobby/obsession of mine 🙂

Using SVG
SVG is a very light, powerful and versatile graphic format when it comes to the web.
There are many different ways you can embed SVG on your websites and each one has pros and cons and depends on your intentions.

SVG can be manipulated via CSS, that’s where it shines. You’ll find out how and why to use SVG icons instead of iconic fonts and what do those strange SVG attributes mean.

Third Meetup agenda:
6:00pm – Gathering
6:15pm – Using SVG by Matija Marohnić
6:45pm – Round Table discussion and Q&A with author:

Tomislav Kozačinski – Designer and entrepreneur with over 10 years of international experience ranging from graphic design and web development to startups and digital product development.
Lucijan Blagonjić – Working for Croatian and foreign clients he has polished his knowledge and is today one of the leading experts in responsive web design in Croatia.