2015 - 2017

Prošireni estetički odgoj @ EU


The project Aesthetic Education Expanded is a continuation of a long-term cooperation of Multimedijalni institut (HR), Berliner Gazette (DE), Kuda.org (RS) and Kontrapunkt (MK), expanding to include Kulturtreger (HR). Drawing on their backgrounds in critical theory, digital culture, creative education and art production, it is situated at the nexus of aesthetics and education. Its innovative character stems from connecting diverse national contexts and diverse practices, resulting in an intense inquiry into modes of critical education in art and culture.


Starting from the Enlightenment concept of Aesthetic Education, it explores forms of initiation into the experience and practice of art that maintain its autonomy, while exploring its emancipatory dimensions without falling into the dichotomy of commercialism or social service. Its an aesthetic education that understands art and culture at a productive distance from and in dialogue to the remaining spheres of the society.


Project aims to achieve that by producing artworks, cultural events and education in Zagreb, Skopje, Novi Sad, Berlin and London along four thematic clusters:


* A Different Aesthetic Education: exploring new forms of art education;
* Politics of the Past, Politics of the Future: exploring emancipatory practices in contemporary culture;
* Poetics: reflecting on art’s autonomy, producing and presenting artworks;
* Expanding Experiences: testing formats of audience development and participation.


Particular importance is given to education of young artmakers and non-professionals, and forms of engagement with a broad public through broadcasting, online literary production, interaction with neighbourhoods.