ZgPHP Meetup / Svibanj

OMG!!! Eleven is it time for another meetup? Woot, woot! As usual, packed with much awesome, very talks!

Miro Svrtan – Behat

While Behat is meant for behavior driven design, a lot of developers started using it as a tool for integration and regression testing. In a format understandable not only to developers you can easily test behaviour of your existing application (any web app, doesn’t have to be written in PHP) utilising different scrapers/crawlers/browsers.

Tired of clicking around your browser to create selenium tests? Your application is heavily dependent on javascript? Behat (with help of Mink) can utilize Selenium and headless browsers like Firefox or Chrome to verify everything still works as expected.

With it’s simple domain language, writing down and understanding existing tests is an easy task, not only for your frontend and backend developers, but QA too.

Miro Svrtan will take center stage and abuse us for half an hour.

Steve Tauber – Building a REST JSON API the right way

After the break Steve Tauber will talk about building a REST JSON API the right way. This is first part of his talk dedicated to this subject so we will focus on RESTful design techniques, the verbs, the nouns and logic in MVC environments.