Docker Meetup / Listopad

Hello Docker Community. Let’s kick of the Docker meetup.


Deni Bertovic: How Docker helps Developers and Ops?
Description: In this talk I’ll go over the Docker 101s,
tips and tricks etc. I’ll try to show you what the benefits and pitfalls of Docker are, but mainly I’ll try to show you how Docker helps you streamline your development environment. Last but not least we’ll talk about deployment and production environments. At the end of the talk I’ll try and just skim over a couple of topics that can be material for further talks.

The purpose of this meetup is to kick off the Docker community in Zagreb and inspire people that have worked with Docker and have production experience to share their knowledge with the community.

Moving forward we should have 1 or 2 talks per meetup (30 minutes each, because of the time constraints of the space we host the meetups at).

The talk for the first meetup will most likely be 45 minutes as can be the case with future meetups if we have only one talk.