JavaScript Zagreb Meetup / Listopad

Our gathering starts at 17:45 and the first presentation starts around 18:00.

The theme for this month is React, a JavaScript library you have heard of, unless you’ve been living under a rock. We will have two live coding sessions where we’ll explore the magical React world. First we’ll build a simple UI and then we’ll write a bunch of tests.

Part 1: Creating

Matija Marohnić

We’ll set up JavaScript compilation with Babel and Browserify, so we can split our app into separate modules (i.e. files). We will execute these tasks with Gulp, but it doesn’t really matter which one you use.

Once we get that working, we will build a very simple UI to demonstrate basic React concepts and best practices. You will learn what React is, by seeing how it works first-hand. We will not go into much theory, no comparisons with existing MV* frameworks. Just hands-on LIVE CODING! *gasp*

Part 2: Testing

Dino Trojak

After Matija is done with his app, we will explain how tests in React work and we will install all necessary things to run them. Tests will be done using Jest. Jest is an open source testing utility from Facebook. It makes unit testing React a lot easier. There wont be any theoretical stuff. Live examples only. We will also run our tests on Travis, so you’ll see how to add that shiny Travis badge to your repo.