Ruby Meetup / Listopad

Nenad Nikolic – Refactoring rails controllers, book review
Rails controllers, at the beginning they all start simple, but as our application grows our controllers grow too and can easily turn into unreadable mess which is hard to maintain. In his book Refactoring rails controllers, Andrzej Krzywda from Arkency shows us various methods how to tackle these problems. This talk will be covering these refactoring techniques and handout a general overview of whether you should read the book or not.

Ivan Nemytchenko – How to stop being a Rails-developer
For a long time we – Rubyists thought that we’re special. That we don’t have the whole class of the problems, which poor java guys do care about. But it turns out we’re not that special. It is common to see how 6-months old Rails app turns into spaghetti monster, that nobody wants to touch.

It seems that writing code in Rails-way is not enough to build complex web applications. And you should learn how to apply different techniques and patterns in your code.

I am going to share my experience of brain-switching from the Rails-only mode. And you’ll see how patterns arise naturally as solutions to existing problems, simplifying the code and architecture significantly.

Dario Daic – Enumerators, are they worth it?
We all know what kind of magic Enumerable holds. We use it everyday.Knowledge of it is essential to any dedicated Ruby developer. Its mechanics are straightforward and useful. But, what about Enumerator? Why is it that we don’t see it in the code that often? Is it overly complicated or are we just too lazy to pick it up?Aim of this talk is to describe the Enumerator class. We will explore its internals, see how it is intended to be used and provide you with enough information to let you decide the rest for yourself.

Željko Filipin: Global Day of Coderetreat 2015 ⚡ (lightning talk)
Nakon uspješnog prošlogodišnjeg Global Day of Coderetreat, odlučili smo ga organizirati i ove godine.

Coderetreat je cjelodnevni intenzivni praktični trening osnova razvoja i dizajna softvera.

Global Day of Coderetreat se organizira jednom godišnje na isti dan. Ove godine je 14. studenog i sudjelovat će programeri u preko 80 gradova u cijelom svijetu.