JavaScript Meetupa / Prosinac

This time we will continue where we left last time.

Ivan Vuković: Add space after {
Have you ever received or sent pull request and most of code review comments was about code formatting and variable naming? This talk will introduce some code style linters and static code analysis tools for JavaScript to you. Also, we will take a look on some popular JavaScript style guides, and I will show some strategies on how to incorporate this to your workflow to improve your code quality and how that is done in ShoutEm. After this talk, you will focus yourself much more on code quality and real improvements over code formatting issues.

Matija Marohnić: Unpacking Webpack

There seems to be a new build tool released every month. Grunt, Gulp, Broccoli, Brunch… So why should you care about Webpack? Because it’s so much more than a build tool, it’s a complete module bundler with less configuration required. It’s extremely powerful and deserves much more attention.