Python Meetup / Prosinac

Let’s have one more meetup before the holidays. All the usual applies.


Tin Tvrtković: Modern Python Logging: A Syslog Approach

Description: Kratki pregled evolucije Nanobitovog logging sustava. Što želimo od logging sustava i kako smo to postigli.

Darko Ronić: Centralized cluster configuration and orchestration

Description: Orchestrating and having a centralized configuration is probably at the back of a developer’s mind when first deploying a backend microservices cluster. “That a job for those pesky sysadmins” and stuff like that are often heard (even when you don’t have a sysadmin within 20 miles). So you hardcode various IP addresses and URLs into your microservices, or you add them as paramaters. First you have 2, then 5, then 50 and until you know it there’s a gazilion places you have to check when updating a IP address. And manually deploying everything (even with Ansible), that’s also a pain in the butt. We had the same issues after a couple of weeks, so we had to make something better. In iterations at least.