JavaScript Meetup / Siječanj 2016.

Wohoooo, first of all happy new year to all! As usual third wendsday in month is reserved for JavaScript,our gathering will be next wednesday(20.1) at 17:45 and the first presentation starts at 18:00.

Also we made a gitter channel so if you have any particular js stuff that you would like to share just put it  here-

Matija Marohnić: Unpacking Webpack
There seems to be a new build tool released every month. Grunt, Gulp, Broccoli, Brunch… So why should you care about Webpack? Because it’s so much more than a build tool, it’s a complete module bundler with less configuration required. It’s extremely powerful and deserves much more attention.

Luka Blažecki: Integration tests in node.js
Everyone is talking about how testing is important, but there is little talk about what the tests look like in a slightly bigger Node.js application. Nor is there talk about the encountered problems or possible solutions. Through this talk I would like to start a discussion about one part of the testing through integration tests in the web / API Node.js.

Agenda will be:

• Setting up the environment
• Which frameworks and modules to use and why
• Writing a few tests
• Why are integration tests important
• What to do when tests become complicated