JavaScript Meetup / Veljača 2016

This month we will meet February 17th. The place is as always MaMa. The gathering will start at 17:45 and first presentation is about to start at 18:00.

Another thing that we are introducing this year is our slides history. So you can find slides from previous meetups here

Here are the two topics we have for this month (and your lightning talks are always welcome):

Tomislav Gajšak: Backbone stickit – how to do two way data binding in backbone. 
When developing Backbone apps we often need the view to be in sync with model and vice versa. To avoid getting lost in Backbone boilerplate code with multiple listeners and events, we can easily use Stickit – one of the two-way data binding implementations available for Backbone. In this small presentation I will show you how you can use it with simple input element and more complex elements like select.

Tomislav Bacinger: Forget Google Maps. Meet D3.js
D3.js is JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data to create interactive data visualizations. By interactive data visualizations, I do not mean only charts, but much more interesting stuff, like interactive maps for example. In this talk, we will cover everything needed to create an interactive map with D3.js, including where to find free data, how to add interactivity, and how to style the map using only CSS.