JavaScript Meetup / Ožujak 2016

This time we will talk about Electron, a tool for building cross platform desktop apps which was initially developed for Githubs atom editor and ngrok.

Also few more things to note…

We have a new Slack channel up and running and you can sign up for it here

And we have made a more user friendly github repo

We think that this two changes will add a great value to our community and that they will for sure bring up the quality of our meetups.

Vjekoslav Ratkajec: Introduction to Electron
Electron enables you to create cross-platform desktop apps with web technologies. It is based on Chromium and uses Node.js to enable working with OS, and HTML, CSS and JavaScript for UI.

For years I’ve been working as an ActionScript developer making cross-platform apps in Adobe AIR. Few months ago I’ve started to work with Electron. I’m also writing my thoughts and findings on my blog Electron Rocks!

Mihaela Mihaljević Jakić: ngrok – Secure tunnels to localhost
Save time and be more productive. Expose local servers behind NATs and firewalls to the public internet over secure tunnels.