Ruby Meetup / Ožujak 2016

Janko Marohnić – File uploads with Shrine

Accepting file uploads is very common in web applications, but also very delicate; we have to manage the fact that it’s slow, and that it comes with a lot of security implications.

Shrine is a new Ruby library for file uploads, which aims to address limitations and issues of existing libraries (CarrierWave, Paperclip, Dragonfly and Refile).

We will see how Shrine’s design differs, and how it allows Shrine to be simple where other libraries are complex, while also making some very advanced features possible.

(btw. Janko is the creator of this popular gem)

Ante Barać – Ruby on Rails na skliskom terenu

Ruby on Rails na skliskom terenu. Veliki site, veliki promet, puno birokracije, dislocirani timovi, spor API i gomila naslijeđenog koda upitne kvalitete. Što smo naučili?