JavaScript Meetup / Travanj 2016.

Miłosz Chmura: Streaming in JavaScript
In programming, problems can be tackled using various ways. When it comes to data processing, a useful approach is using pipes and streaming. In this presentation I will show you how I came up with solution to a simple interview task using streaming approach in Node.js. Furthermore, I will show you the great benefits of this approach: performance and processing of infinite amount of data.

Ivan Lučin: Cheating on Rails with Ember
Maintaining client side of a big saas product can be hard in a monolithic, server oriented architecture like Rails – UX, performance and code quality usually suffer. In a pool of popular framework options Ember JS was chosen for the client side rewrite! Ember is great and well established JS framework which shares a lot of design decisions and ideas with Rails. This talk will cover the process of switching from Rails only app to API based backend + Ember JS app and it will try to show why choosing Ember really was a good decision.