ZgPHP Meetup / Travanj 2016.

There is another chance to win a PHP Srbija conference ticket: best lightning talk (by vote of audience) will get one.

OK, now back to main talk..

Silvio Marijić : PSR-7: Http Messages
In this talk you will see new PHP Standard in action along with architectural implications that it brings.You will also see how it affects the way we write applications and what impact it has on frameworks. I’will present you from my prospective good and bad sides of this standard and how it is adopted to current tools on the “scene”.

Wanna do a lightning talk? You can reserve a slot by sending us an email to info [at] zgphp.org or just step up on meetup and say ‘I wanna share’.


17:30 – Warm up and small talk
18:00 – Group announcements
18:10 – Silvio Marijić : PSR-7: Http Messages
18:55 – Dramatic pause
19:00 – Lightning talks