JavaScript Meetup / Svibanj 2016

Our gathering(as always) will be on wednesday, 18th of May and the first presentation starts at 18:00.

Vjekoslav Ratkajec: Making desktop apps with Electron
Electron enables you to create cross-platform desktop apps with web technologies. In this live coding session, we’ll build simple Electron application from scratch and publish it for Windows and OSX.

Mark Nadal: The Javascript Database for Javascript Developers(english)
GUN is an Open Source database written entirely in JavaScript from a bunch of geeks who got frustrated dealing with database servers. It is mad science that just happens to be crazy enough for Silicon Valley VCs and the NodeJS community alike, hitting the Top 4% of NPM when we launched and was the #3 Top Trending javascript project on GitHub at the end of August.

– Peer-to-Peer architecture than can automatically recover from any failures, with a zero-configuration setup.
– Realtime updates across phones, browsers, and servers – yet still have offline support when disconnected.
– Graph data structures which support relational or document oriented data, together with key-value.

Databases should be understandable, and that is why we are excited to share about gun but most importantly hear what your feedback is. This is the JavaScript Database for JavaScript Developers, join us at