JavaScript Meetup / Lipanj 2016.

Luka Blažecki: Writing readable async code in JS. Intro to callbacks, promises and async/await
We all started writing JS code with callbacks (hell). And it sucked a lot. Then promises came. They solved a lot of problems, like error handling and timing. But sometimes flow and readability are too complicated or hold too much additional syntax. This is what async/await is resolving.
Now JS can finally be fun to write even when there is complicated flow!

Matija Marohnić: You (probably) don’t need jQuery (anymore)
There was a time when browsers were handling DOM, AJAX etc. very differently. Normalizing these manually was a pain, so libraries like jQuery were invaluable. Now that browsers have more-or-less agreed upon these things and frameworks have started to rise, jQuery has become an unnecessary abstraction and might be preventing you from getting better at JavaScript. I will show you how to achieve common tasks without it, so you can decide whether you really need it.