Ruby Meetup / Lipanj 2016.

The June meetup is going to be our last meetup before the summer break!

Radan Skoric – **** microservices
There’s a lot of noise around microservices. Let’s try and cut through the hype to keep it real. Let’s break down the pros and cons (there are also cons, you know) and try and see when is it right to l*** microservices and when is it right to f*** microservices.

Marko Ćilimković – Trailblazer
Have you ever felt like you’re in the wilderness of classes, methods and not properly defined associations between models during Rails development? Meet Trailblazer, a thin layer on top of Rails, which offers you more abstraction in your Ruby on Rails application without forcing you to follow all rules.

As always we’re accepting lightning talks for this session!