Python Meetup / Rujan 2016.

Božidar Benko: Knapsack Problem

Dynamic programming concepts. Solving knapsack problem recursively and with dynamic programming. Complexity analysis.

This is one of the most common interview questions asked by top employers.

Summer vacations are nearing their end and we’re getting ready to resume regular Python meetups! Božidar Benko will restart our usual rhythm with talk about knapsack problem.

Anyone with something interesting to say to Python community is encouraged to give a lightning talk after the main talk is finished. Lightning talks are short talks, 5-10 minutes where you can talk on a variety of topics related to Python. Using slides is advisable but not strictly necessary. Message me if you’re up for it.

Continuing in the usual tradition, everyone is welcome to join us for the drinkup in Kolding cafe after the talk.