ZgPHP Meetup / Rujan 2016.

Miro Svrtan – Jenkins vs Circle vs Travis

Interested in implementing Continuous Integration going towards Continuous Deployments?

I’ve been using some of this tools for 4 years, usually in company teams and want to share my experiences. This talk will introduce you to world of continuous integration and how this tools can help you build better software faster. Yes, faster and better.

While there are other options too, this talk will cover: Jenkins, CircleCI and Travis CI, 3 ‘most’ popular solutions. Each of them has some pros and cons, subtle and not so subtle differences but I will try to answer questions like:

• We must run everything inside our company walls?

• We don’t have a devops/sysadmin as part of the team?

• Continuous what?

• We run multiple PHP/Ruby/Python/{PUT-YOUR-OWN-CUP-OF-TEA} versions?

• Running open source code or proprietary one (or both in many cases)?

• Using GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab or your own git server: which ones can I use?

We incremented!

We are celebrating 5th ZgPHP anniversary, so brush up on your “Happy birthday” singing skills!