Python Meetup / Studeni 2016.

Senko Rašić: Real Time Web with Django Channels

Django, the most popular Python web framework, has aged very well. But up until now, it has been stuck in the request-response paradigm of how the web used to work. Particularly, WebSockets or any other kind of “real time” web app couldn’t really be done with Django without some gross hacks, or external gateways.

That’s all in the past. The new Channels engine reworks how the internals work, and provides a well rounded solution that brings not only WebSockets support, but also enables some other interesting features. Channels, written by Andrew Godwin of South fame, is an external component as of Django 1.10, but likely to be merged in the near future directly into Django.

The talk will introduce the Channels concept, explain how they work and show a few examples of what’s now possible (or plain easier) to do with them.