Terminal Meetup / Listopad 2016.

Introduction to Virtual Machines, by Heriberto Sierra

This talk is about the basics of Virtual Machine management. After talking about what virtualization is and why would you ever need it, Heriberto will guide you through basic terminology and some obviously random sequence of characters such as: hypervisor, host, client, Dom0, DomU and more… He will explain different approaches to virtualization (HVM and PV) and what is better in what situations. If you never knew what to choose as your Amazon AWS machine type, Xen or KVM, Heriberto’s got your back. He will go trough different VM implementations (VirtualBox, Xen, KVM), and give an overview of each.

The talk will also include a brief introduction of VM friendly Linux distributions, and how to install them both as hosts or guest.

This talk is in English.

Before the talk, we’re introducing the new idea: before each talk, there’ll be 5-10 minutes reserved for communities short tips’n’tricks! Everyone is welcome to just raise their hand and give us a quick tip that you use or just figured out that you would like to share! This time, I’ll start with a quick tip on how to properly color your PS1 without breaking your long lines and history search (Control-R). Hopefully someone else joins next time!