Ruby Meetupa / Studeni 2016.

Radan Skoric – “Extreme programming explained” explained

Kent Beck is one of the inventors of extreme programming and in this book he beautifully explains his own approach to it. I will pick a few things that I found most interesting and share them with you in my own words.

Spoiler alert: the butler did it.

Dario Daic – Tailoring web pages with “Variants” | Lightning

When thinking about providing users with pages adjusted to their needs, we tend to default to the “Mobile first” approach. We view it as a silver bullet for achieving a responsive design. It’s an effective approach. However, it’s not the only one.

In this talk we’ll revisit “Variants”. Feature added in Rails 4.1 on April 8, 2014. They take the “silver” out of “Mobile first” and provide us with an alternative for making our app’s design responsive.