Ruby Meetup / Prosinac 2016.

Hello Rubyists!

Note that due to the upcoming holidays the meetup for this month is a bit earlier.

The drinkup will be at the usual location at Pivnica Medvedgrad (Ilica) sponzored by ButterflyMX.

Dario Daić – pry-globs – Ruby’s global variables – decrypted | Lightning
“You can’t require a file? Print out $” and list the $:. By the way, $0 is confusing. Rename it.”

Got that? If you didn’t, it is because Ruby’s global variables are notoriously cryptic. But, fear not. This simple Pry plugin will put the Rosetta Stone underneath your fingertips.

Bruno Sutić – Sidekiq Enterprise | Full talk
Sidekiq is standard for background job processing in Ruby. It also has paid versions Pro and Enterprise which give you a plethora of advanced capabilities.

We’ll take a look at some of those advanced features, explore their use cases and see code examples from production code at my company.

Nika Jukić – Destroying dead code with unused  | Lightning
Finding unused code with an awesome command line tool.