Terminal Meetup / Siječanj 2017.

Josip Maslać: Dockerizing Java/GUI Applications.

One of the main founding ideas of Docker is to achieve that the environment used for application development is as similar as possible to the production one. That’s not a simple task when development consists of using GUI applications (such as Eclipse). Josip played a bit and has managed to create such a setup. In this talk he will briefly explain the motivation behind it, obstacles he encountered and experience he’s gained working on that solution.

Lighting talks:

Robert Petranović – I’ll demo how I deploy my home setup (.bashrc, .vimrc, .tmux.conf, bash complete…) to multiple servers in a heartbeat!

After the talks, you’re all welcome to discuss which application deserves the most the Docker daemon punishment, possibly with a beer in your hand at the Kolding bar nearby!