ZgPHP Meetup / Veljača 2017.

This month we’ll join our rodent friends from Golang Zagreb and throw a kickass Go 1.8 release party in PHP style. It is time to show how Go can help you do more in PHP.

17:30 – Warm up and small talk
18:00 – ZgPHP group announcements
18:05 – Matej Baćo: Call Go from PHP for speed and performance
18:40 – Break
18:50 – Open mic night

What is Open mic night?

We reserved a slot where anyone can show how they use Go in their everyday work. Maybe you use arnaud-lb/php-go that allows you to call Go code from PHP or how with kitech/php-go you can write PHP extension using Go.

You can also showcase a tool like sidkshatriya/dontbug, a reverse debugger for PHP.