Discussion Club #3: Globalization

Hey guys!

We invite everyone to the discussion club to talk about social phenomena, critically comprehend norms & beliefs, expand the boundaries of our world view, learn other cultures, chat.

The topic of the meeting #3 – “GLOBALIZATION. A threat or a driver of the culture?”

We will discuss and see into next issues:
– What cultural globalization is and what it isn’t?
– How globalisation influence you as an representative of the culture? Which spheres of your daily life does it touch?
– Does globalisation influence your identity?
– Is it a threat or a driver of the culture?

And of course will spice our discussions with examples from different cultures and see how artists represent globalization in their work.

If you are interested, register yourself here => https://goo.gl/epp9w0

Please note, number of seats is limited to 15, so it is important to make sure that we reserve a place for you.

The language of the discussion club is English.