Terminal Meetup / Travanj 2017.

Have you ever wanted to become a Ninja? Well, Petar Šegina most certainly did! However, he has grown up in the wrong millennium, instead becoming a black-belt NinjuITsu master.

Over the many years of training in his favorite terminal emulator (because as everyone knows, millennials don’t know what a “console” is, let alone the serial port), he mastered the art of jumping over the firewalls, has become superb in being absolutely stealthy by a forgotten ancient technique called “host your own shit”, and can contain even the much outnumbered enemy as taught in the most prestigious school of all – Docke-ryū.

18:30 – Gathering
18:35 – Lighting talks:

Neven Munđar: Fuck off with your terminal typos.

18:50 – Petar Šegina: Hosting your own e-mail, calendar and contacts with Docker.
17:20 – A spot for another Lighting Talk, or Q&A/Discussions.

Neven Muđar will show how can a simple tool make “fuck” you say out loud when you mistype a long command automagically repair the said command!

There’s still one spot left for a lighting talk, so hurry up while the supplies ain’t gone. PM organizers, do it now!!!

The much more useful and informative main talk description is as follow:

Hosting your own e-mail and calendars!

You might be fed up with the constant surveillance, your e-mail provider might be unreliable (looking at you, Yahoo!) or you might just want to have a cool domain name where people can reach you – there are many reasons why one would be interested in hosting your own e-mail. However, how do we make sure we set things up properly so we don’t end up in SPAM? How much work is there in actually managing and maintaining an e-mail server? These are the questions we’ll try to answer.

We’ll walk through the process of setting up a domain or two with a very simple e-mail server, as well as take a look at the pros and cons of such an approach. We’ll rely on several cool Docker containers to automate everything and make our lives much easier. We’ll wrap things up with hosting your own calendar and contacts.

Hopefully, by the end of the talk, everyone will have the knowledge necessary to host their own e-mail, calendar and contacts, without pulling their hair out on a daily basis.