ZgPHP Meetup / Ožujak 2017.

Zoran Antolovic: Auto updated Test Environments with large databases

If you ever had to maintain and setup test environments of your production app, you know how much pain in the neck it can be. Manual DB imports are heavy and automatic ones can easily be prone to security issues. In the talk I will describe approach we’ve been using for auto updated large databases on dynamic test environments for testing your web apps.

Test database that is decoupled from the production one and actually is a clone of it, can easily get outdated and further testing on it can make your development process harder. With simple approach we’ve designed, we can have fresh databases imported every night and UI for modifying what database our app is using for testing purposes. I will explain how we used different tools in order to split, process, purge, seed and prepare large DB dumps for import through the night – completely automatically so we don’t have to worry about them at all

Miro Svrtan: Intro to EventSourcing and CQRS

While web development is not simple content management systems and webshops any more, most of our prinicples and ideas have not changed that much. CRUD and MVC, while still good ideas, are not meant for handling complex bussiness requirements, logic and workflows.

Instead of fat controllers or services, dependency injections, by separating our domain logic into simple “units of work” connected together by commands and events, number of files might increase but our complexity decreases considerably.

If you are looking for a different way, ES (eventsourcing) and CQRS (command query responsibility segregation) might be the solution. It’s actually much harder to explain those concepts then to use them so I will start with simple examples from every day developer life and then combine all of it with real life examples from some of my projects.

17:30 – Warm up and small talk
18:00 – Group announcements
18:05 – Zoran Antolovic: Auto updated Test Environments with large databases
18:50 – Break
18:55 – Miro Svrtan: Intro to EventSourcing and CQRS