Ruby Meetup / Svibanj 2017.

Dear Rubyists,

our May meetup is on the horizon!

We will meet at our usual meeting place at MaMa. Afterwards, we’ll hang out and drink some beer at the Pivnica Medvedgrad (Ilica) as we always do!

Nika Jukić: Diving into ActionCable

In this talk I will present the essentials of one of the top features of Rails 5. Join us and listen about the in’s and out’s of making your Rails application real time.

Dario Daić: RSpec Mocks – practical test object nomenclature

Testing is inherently complex. In essence, tests are code that tests code. Even that doesn’t sound trivial. A technique we can apply to make our tests faster and more flexible is creation and usage of test objects.

Main goal of the talk is to give an overview of test objects within RSpec Mocks library. Afterwards, you will be able to differentiate between Verified doubles and Partial doubles. Hopefully, it will also give you basis to communicate more easily about test objects in your RSpec suite with your colleagues.

See you there!